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Careers in PR FAQs

    What is the best college training/education for someone choosing a PR career?

  • While public relations courses are helpful, we have also found that the best education includes courses and extracurricular activities that strengthen written and verbal
    communications skills. Experience working in a team-oriented environment and having
    a wide range of interests that demonstrate intellectual curiosity is also very helpful.

    I do not have any formal public relations training. How then do I move into the

  • We suggest you visit any one of the following Web sites for general information as well as career advice.
    European Association of Public Relations and Communications Students
    Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management
    International Communications Consultancy Organisation
    International Public Relations Association
    Public Relations Consultants Association
    Public Relations Society of America

    What qualifications do you look for in an ideal candidate?

  • Compass Public Relations looks for candidates with excellent writing skills, strong client focus, intellectual curiosity, self-sufficiency and strong business growth and development skills. The more senior the level, the more helpful it is to have prior agency experience and the ability to lead and develop global teams working on complex projects.
    How do you attract talented people to Compass Public Relations?
    We attract them by offering the best career assignments and opportunities for professional growth; we retain them by living up to that commitment, which involves rewarding and
    recognizing them for the contributions they make.

    What do you think is the advantage in working for a PR firm over working in Public Relations for a client organization?

  • The diversity of client assignments and the role you can play as an outside "expert" is the principal advantage, but experience in a client organization is very valuable in a well-rounded career. Additionally, in a Public Relations firm you have the opportunity to develop your skills by servicing clients, working on exciting projects, providing strategic counsel and driving new business initiatives.

    How is Compass Public Relations related to Burson-Marsteller?

  • Compass Public Relations is the exclusive affiliate of Burson-Marsteller in Taiwan and we jointly work for multinational companies to provide PR support to their global businesses.

公關職涯 常見問題


  • 除了修習公共關係課程之外,強化寫作、溝通、表達能力之課外活動與專業研習課程也十分重要。另外,不可或缺的還包括團隊合作經驗、廣泛的興趣和旺盛的求知慾。


  • 我們建議您參閱下列組織的網站,以獲得公關一行的相關資訊及職涯建議:
    歐洲公共關係暨傳播協會 (European Association of Public Relations and Communications Students)
    全球公關聯盟 (Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management)
    國際公關顧問組織 (International Communications Consultancy Organisation)
    國際公關協會 (International Public Relations Association)
    公關顧問協會 (Public Relations Consultants Association)
    美國公共關係協會 (Public Relations Society of America)


  • 達豐公關期許求職者具備出色寫作專長和優異的業務拓展能力,並能以熱誠的求知慾,獨立精神,戮力達成以客為尊之服務目標。高階職位申請者之業界經歷,練達的領導能力和國際視野更是其中關鍵。


  • 達豐公關秉持著為員工提供最佳職涯規劃和專業能力養成之信念,積極尋求人才。適宜的升遷機會和薪酬獎勵,也促使員工更樂意為達豐效力。


  • 在公關諮詢公司工作,不但能接觸繽紛多元的客戶服務企劃,還可以擔任外部專家角色,為客戶提供諮詢服務,更有機會學習有效服務的技巧、執行有趣的計畫、策略諮詢和推動新商機。然而,在公關職涯中,企業公關部門的工作,亦能增長全面的公關技巧,同屬珍貴。


  • 達豐公關是博雅公關在台灣唯一的分支機構,我們共同為多國企業提供公關服務,支援全球業務。
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