• Compass a device invented by the ancient Chinese designed to provide a direct, infallible and effective sense of
    direction in an often-changing and unfamiliar landscape.
    Compass is also a public relations company committed to helping organizations to identify their needs and to create
    effective marketing communications strategies in accordance with the highest standard of professional ethics.

  • Values – the 4Cs of Compass Public Relations:

    Customer Satisfaction – Ensuring that our work meets with the objectives of our clients.
    Commitment – Long-term commitment not only to our clients, but also to our employees and to society.
    Competence – Constant efforts to keep ourselves at the top of the field.
    Consistency – Maintaining a high standard of excellence, from planning to execution.

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  • 'Compass'是中國袓先所發明的羅盤,又名指南針,是一種指引正確方位的工具。達豐公關是專業的公關顧問公司,我們的
  • 達豐的核心價值

    客戶滿意度 Customer satisfaction; 承諾 Commitment; 專業能力 Competence; 一致性 Consistency.
  • 簡而言之,達豐公關重視執行成效,並以客戶賦予我們的任務為依歸,我們的承諾不僅只於外,對內亦致力提供一個有人性


  • 達豐公關 全方位的服務

  • 達豐公關一向以能夠和客戶形成合作無間的公關團隊為榮,本公司對客戶的企業經營與相關產業的了解,更是我們與客戶建立良好關係的基礎。我們不僅具備豐富的在地經驗及知識,更是擁有全球性資源、聲譽卓著Burson-Marsteller公關公司在台灣的唯一聯盟夥伴,使得我們能對客戶的託付提供具有洞見、創新、創意,以及卓越價值的服務,而客戶也將受益於本公司在各個領域上的豐富公關資源、頂尖科技,以及眾所肯定的專業服務。
  • 藉由提供包括媒體關係、危機管理、教育訓練、行銷溝通、員工關係、政府關係、社區關係、專門活動管理,以及宣傳刊物等全方位的諮詢與溝通服務,本公司為客戶提供了具體可見的業績成果。

    Choosing the right public relations consultancy will clearly set a company apart from its competitors in the market. And the key to achieving the best results is, of course, to ensure that you have the right public relations partners in the mix.
  • Compass Public Relations prides itself on being a seamless part of our clients' communications team from start to finish. We concentrate on our clients with an intimate understanding of their businesses and the industries in which they operate. Our local knowledge and experience in the Taiwan market, combined with our exclusive affiliation with the diverse resources and unrivaled global network of Burson-Marsteller, enable us to bring insight, innovation, creativity and superior value to every client assignment. Our clients benefit from a wealth of communications resources, state-of-the-art technologies, and award-winning professionals from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds.
  • We focus on delivering measurable business results to our clients through a full range of consulting & communications disciplines including media relations, crisis and issues management, communications training, marketing communications, employee/labor relations, government and community relations as well as special events management and the production of in-house videos and print publications.