• Successful leaders throughout history have shared many common traits, but the ability to communicate
    effectively and persuasively is unique to those who ultimately achieve greatness.
  • Public relations is a marketing tool that, when properly planned and executed, can lift and enhance the
    corporate image of a company and its products or services in the market place.
  • In today's highly competitive industries and commercial markets, Compass Public Relations is dedicated
    to offering realistic assistance to companies competing to gain a significant share and image in their
    markets. Our skills are in building the right sort of relationships with those targets that our clients most
    need to influence, within their specific budgets and in complete harmony with their overall marketing
  • Established in July, 1989, by a group of experienced practitioners from the communications field, our
    consultancy team prides itself on its in-depth knowledge of the markets in Taiwan. Our senior account
    management staff includes highly experienced and professional public relations executives and former
    journalists who have worked closely with various multinational organizations in developing fully
    comprehensive and integrated mass communications programs.


  • 綜觀歷史上的成功領導者,皆擁有許多共同的特質。然而,具備有效且深具說服力的溝通能力,卻是最後
  • 知識得以傳達即成智慧、夢想能被理解便可實現。
  • 公共關係是一項重要的行銷工具,若加以正確的計劃及執行,將有助於提高並加強企業的形象及其產品或
  • 在今日競爭激烈的工商市場中,達豐公關致力於提供精準的服務,為企業提供形象及市場佔有率。我們主
  • 達豐公關於1989年7月由一群集合各行業的精英所創立。達豐的顧問團對台灣市場有極深入之研究,旗下
  • 達豐公關強調專注的服務,瞭解客戶的業務能力並且發展出對客戶最有利的方針,提供客戶一項經濟而有
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