• Securing regular, favorable and wide-ranging editorial coverage for our clients' products
    and services within targeted media is integral to their success in the Taiwan market.
  • Skillful delivery of the right message to your target audience - across any medium - can
    mean the difference between winning acclaim for your product or position on an issue, or
    negative coverage that can define your company for years to come. Credible, influential,
    and universal, the news media is an indispensable channel for reaching your audience.
  • Compass Public Relations places media relations strategy at the core of every integrated
    communications program. Our specialists, several of them experienced journalists, come
    from every media background in Taiwan, and excel at matching the right message with the
    right audience.
  • Strategy and Message Development / Tracking and Analysis / Media Audits / Editorial
    Campaigns / Media Training / Media Tours / Database Development and Maintenance


  • 確保客戶的產品與服務在目標媒體上得到經常性、正面且廣泛的報導,是使客戶能在台灣市場無往
  • 有技巧地運用各種媒介將正確訊息傳遞給目標群眾是成敗的關鍵。成者可讓客戶的產品或企業定位
  • 達豐公關視媒體關係策略為所有整合性傳播計畫的核心要素。本公司的專業人員來自各種專業領域
  • 策略與訊息規劃 / 追蹤與分析 / 媒體監測 / 廣編運作 / 媒體訓練 / 媒體參訪安排 / 資料庫建立與維護


  • Helping client companies to identify and confront major issues before they become a crisis.
    Although corporate crises cannot always be predicted, they can be anticipated and must
    be met quickly with straightforward, persuasive and proactive media responses. Proper
    preparedness and management can preserve and protect your company's reputation,
    brand equity and market share, as well as the confidence of your customers, employees
    and shareholders.
  • Compass Public Relations has an extensive track record of helping corporate management
    handle major crisis. We work alongside management when customers, consumers,
    employees, investors, stakeholders, regulators and governmental bodies are all demanding
    immediate answers and action. We can do so at any time, and our experience in this field
    extends from product failure to international recalls, from fraud and malfeasance to strikes
    and litigation, from difficult restructuring to site closings in the face of militant opposition,
    from product tampering to campaigns by activist groups and boycotts.
  • Risk Assessment / Vulnerabilities Analysis / Crisis Procedure Guidelines /
    Crisis Simulations / Proprietary Online Crisis Preparedness / Stakeholder Outreach


  • 協助企業偵測及防範可能影響企業運作的潛在危機。儘管企業的危機並非都能事先預料,但是多少總
  • 達豐公關在協助客戶處理重大危機上具有豐富經驗。當顧客、消費者、員工、投資人、股東、主管單
  • 危機評估 / 弱點分析 / 危機處理指引 / 危機模擬 / 危機風險控管 / 股東關係維繫
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